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Developing Native stories told by Native storytellers

2024 Festival Details

Creative Nations, an all indigenous-led artists collective founded at The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado, is launching the First Storyteller’s Festival in 2024. The festival is focused on developing new work from Indigenous artists across the continent. We are purposely avoiding defining the festival by any specific genre, and encourage creators from any discipline that is performed on a “stage” to submit (with the word “stage” being loosely defined).


The festival will take place in Boulder, CO in the fall of 2024 (dates to be announced soon). The event will include:

Staged Readings

Panel Discussions

Workshop Production

Educational Workshops

Rehearsals with a director, followed by public reading of new works

Artists presentations to engage the Colorado community around Indigenous storytelling

Next stage of development of a piece that is nearing production readiness

Training for the current and next generation of Native theatre artists

All artists selected will receive a wide range of support to develop their piece.

Submissions Now Open
Extended to April 15th, 2024

What To Include In Your Submission

Please send an email using the button above that includes your name, tribal affiliation, bio, a copy of the script and any supporting materials (such as music, photos, etc)

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